Here Comes The Sun

Now that summer has begun it's all about the sun.

I'm not one to lay out in the sun since I burn in a second, but I do appreciate the sunlight - how warm it can make a space feel, the shadows it creates, the beautiful colors of a sunset.

So where should you be in your house, apartment, townhouse, wherever you live, to best enjoy your sunlight?

Grab a compass...

The obvious ones are east and west. For a beautiful breakfast spot, choose east facing rooms as the sun comes up in the morning.
A Breakfast Room designed by Michael Smith
End the work day with early evening cocktails in west facing spaces for the pre-sunset glow.

Settle into rooms facing north for constant light. Artist like north facing spaces for this reason. (It's also why moss usually grows on the north side of buildings for the trivia folk.)

In south facing rooms you'll get direct sunlight so nice and bright but also potentially too hot and harsh to do things like watch TV. Andersson Wise Architects in Austin, Texas placed windows higher up on the wall and diffused the light from skylights to soften the sun in this space and make it more comfortable.

Now for the lucky few who can truly bask in the sunshine, this spot is for you anytime of day. I'll bring my SPF 50.