Never Say Never to A Can of Spray Paint

Glossy black spray paint is a staple in my house and it yet again came in handy so I could get some artwork up in my bathroom. The art itself is "borrowed" from a book I got from a museum bookshop (yes I saw the exhibit) so pretty pictures, and one quote in cool font, check. The frames were all bought at local yard sales for a total of maybe $15 so budget, check. Hit the Depot for a can of paint plus primer in glossy black and the local hardware store for a custom piece of glass to fit one of the yard sale frames, and I was ready to go. The whole project took about an hour and cost less than lunch, ok, lunch with a glass of wine.

One grouping

The frames are strong enough that nothing else is needed on the wall which is painted in my new favorite gray.

One pair of frames ties two distant walls together. The black frames help the accent in the original 1930s tile work  make more sense in the space.

One of my favorite frames, now that it's black!

Have a project you think a quick spray paint job with solve but need a little help? Send a photo to liz@ermillerdesign.com


Roll It On Wallpaper: NotWallpaper on Etsy

If the thought of hanging wallpaper scares you then you're in luck. NotWallpaper, a shop on Etsy, offers patterned paint rollers so all you have to do is dip your roller in paint and roll the pattern right onto your wall. The shop founders picked up the idea from an antique roller they found in Kennebunkport, Maine. This is also great for a table top or tray, for those of you that work on a smaller scale. They are $19 for the roller and $39 for a roller and applicator. Here are my favorite patterns:
Petite damask

Spring Bird

Sweet Dreams Floral

More patterns are due this fall from NotWallpaper: www.Etsy.com/shop/Notwallpaper