Budget Kitchen Before & After

I've been busy working on the website this past week, not a small project but very fun. I'm planning a total overhaul but in the meantime I wanted to get a few more photos up on the current site including some before and after shots. Here's a preview:

1937 kitchen in need over a lot of help. The stainless steel countertop with integrated sink and wall mounted faucet were cool though so those stayed, as did the sturdy wood cabinets and crown moulding. The linoleum floor had to go as did the health hazard appliances. After photo below.

The cabinets got a fresh coat of paint and were modified over and next to the new refrigerator and dishwasher so there is a built-in look. The dishwasher was purchased in black not stainless to offset the countertop and tie in the range's black top which is on the opposite wall. Cabinet hardware from Restoration Hardware is a combination of bin pulls and knobs in polished chrome. On the wall adjacent to the refrigerator an old cabinet that held a drop down mini ironing board, very 1937, is now a storage cabinet for dry goods and wine (this ratio needs to change if you ask me). White subway tile for the backsplash fit the budget well as did a dark grey porcelain tile floor (covering up the asbestos tiles we found, no fun!). Both have deep grey grout to accent the scale and shape. The shadow wallpaper is by Schumacher. The kitchen curtain is a DIY with grosgrain ribbon trim. 

This wall was the original exterior of the house. The pair of windows overlook an adjoining sitting room that I wanted to link to the kitchen. The window on the left was widened to make a doorway into the sitting room and the window on the right I closed off creating more wall space and a cozier feel in the kitchen. After photo below.

The wall shelves are thin stainless, just enough for some display space and frequently used spices while the chalkboard and mail holder keeps everyone organized and messes off the limited counter space. To help with the counter space issue, a freestanding moveable island with shelves below was added to the center of the kitchen. It can be rolled against the long wall for more open space, pulled out for buffet space when entertaining, or the key spot for kids dinners on a regular basis. The butcher block countertop (thank you IKEA) ties in the new section of counter on the opposite side of the kitchen. 

The original range was indeed a health hazard as was the microwave hanging from the wall above it. White Formica countertops had to go and more cabinet space was needed. After photo below.

A new stainless range and exhaust hood (all appliances sourced at Yale Appliance in Dorchester) were added and the cabinets were modified to accept a microwave above the counter. New butcher block countertops (have to thank IKEA again) were installed and sealed making them a more family friendly choice and warming up the feel of the kitchen. The original crown moulding and cabinets were copied to make additional upper and lower cabinets on the opposite side of the range so it too has a built-in look similar to the refrigerator. (See second after photo above.) Everyone needs that tall thin cookie sheet and platter cabinet. The main ceiling light was put on a dimmer and switched out to a polished chrome and glass flush-mount from Restoration Hardware. Total project cost not including appliances and with client labor involved to keep costs low: $2,700

More before and afters to come! Check out the changes at www.ermillerdesign.com.

Have a question about this project? Email me at info@ermillerdesign.com. 


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