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It wasn't the sunniest start to summer on the East Coast but you gotta make something out of it. A day trip to Portland Maine turned out to be the perfect answer. I've been to Portland a handful of times but this past weekend there seemed to be even more stores that caught my eye. My favorite was k colette on Commercial Street, a curated shop of art, home goods, books, textiles, and jewelry.

It's right on the main street so you can't miss it. 

It's all perfectly curated by theme. At the entry is a table featuring gifts for Dads. (Thank you for the making my shopping even easier.) In the background, shelves of candles, pillows, and books with art on every wall.

The kids corner - the Noah's Ark is amazing in person! 
(Sorry for the dark photos, like I said it was raining. Unfortunately Photoshop can only take you so far.) 

For the kitchen, servers, glasses, dishes, flatware, napkins, cookbooks, they have it all and it all has a beautiful artisan touch. 

Even a gardening section that has this amazing soap stone sink. We're using this image for inspiration for our outdoor garden area, which we'll probably be able to work on in ten years but we'll get there.  

k colette
100 Commercial Street 
Portland, Maine
Mon - Sat 10-6
Sun 12-4

After you've loaded up the car walk across the street to The Old Portland Sea Grill where their take on New England clam chowder, with chunks of bacon, can't be missed. I had it with oysters and their fresh lobster roll which is perfectly made with just a dash of lemon juice and a side of perfectly crispy thin french fries. Oh and a chocolate chip cookie from The Standard Baking Company down the block!


Studio by the Sea: Winslow Homer in Maine

We're headed to Maine this weekend again and on my list is, now was, to tour the newly restored Winslow Homer Studio. (I love a historic house!) The studio, renovated and restored by the Portland Museum of Art, is located in Prouts Neck, Maine, about a two hour ride north of Boston. The tours are only open to Portland Museum of Art members at the moment, hence us not being able to go this weekend sadly. But starting next Friday, May 31st, the rest of us non-museum members can call to make reservations for a tour. I'm hoping to make it later this summer! I put all the details at the bottom of this post so we could get to the photos, which is, honestly what we're looking for here.

The restored Studio and its ocean view

Not a bad way to spend the day
Homer moved from New York to this Studio in 1884. He came to Prouts Neck, Maine because his brother was buying up land to create a vacation destination for travelers, lucky him. 
The man himself, Winslow Homer. Good looking mustache I might add.
The Portland Museum of Art purchased the building in 2006 and got to work on the long fund-raising program before the actual long hard work of the restoration began. 

Restoration work in progress. Exterior paint chips were analyzed for accuracy, architectural details (see below) appreciated, and a full historical report produced so the Studio was restored as accurately as possible. 
Amazing roof detail at the porch level, or piazza, as Homer called it

Paintings and illustrations by Homer are on view at the Portland Museum of Art, which is also a great way to finish up the day. (More on what to do in Portland in another post.)

Weatherbeaten, view from location very close to Studio, see below

Here's a cool map from the New York Times that shows the location of where some of Homer's most famous paintings were painted. 

Interior shots from an Architectural Digest preview article

Here are the details:
Tickets are $55 for non-members, no refunds of exchanges. Ticket gets you a two and half hour tour in a small group of ten people and transportation to the Studio from the Portland Museum of Art by van, no meeting at the Studio, I asked. Kids under seven are not allowed, for better or worse depending on who you ask. Summer season is June 23 - Sept 4th. Tours given on Mondays and Fridays 10:30am and 11:45am. Weekend tours start with their Fall season, September 4th through October 15th. For reservations call (207) 775-6148.

Email me if you're planning a visit and want some suggestions for accommodations or other things to do near Portland: info@ermillerdesign.com.

Here's to the start of summer!

Photos courtesy of Portland Museum of Art and Architectural Digest


Weekend DIY: Playroom Curtains

Sunday morning basement play room curtain sewing project - done. A few cups of coffee and a break to run into the SOWA flea market (just too sunny outside to stay in all day) and we can check this one off the list.

That portable sewing machine my grandmother bought me when I moved to NYC is finally getting some use. It's a nice upgrade from the iron-on hem tape, though that stuff is awesome and I highly recommend it. 

Some 101 hardware from Target and a drill was all that was needed for a quick installation. The windows flip up into the room and hang on the hooks on the recess walls so I had to hang the hardware on the window frame but worked out fine.

Yes, our basement is truly that old school dark basement with the light that streams in from street level. At least it's the atmosphere of our kids play room not our bedroom apartment like it was in Brooklyn.

Thanks again to Allegro fabrics for the affordable nautical fabric ($10 a yard). Even had enough left over for a pair of throw pillows to fill up the sofa and get it more comfy for movie nights.

If you're doing a nautical nursery Allegro also has a great combo of fabric by the yard and a DIY bunting.