Why am I doing this, you may ask.

I once started one of those big old term papers in college with the line, What do you notice when you walk down the street? It's a simple question in some ways but pretty complicated, (enough for a fifty page paper) in other ways. I liked it because what I was writing about was urban design and architecture, and what you notice when you walk down a street can really make it or break it. What buidlings do you see - are they old or new? Is there a sense of history? Are there trees, shade and a sidewalk so you can stroll and enjoy the space or can you just drive by in a flash? I always notice these little things and it makes a space what it is. This is why I love architecture and urban design.

Then let's say you walk in a building from this street. Are there shadows from the sunlight dancing around in patterns on the floors and walls or one of those places where it's always high noon no matter what your watch says? Let's say this building is amazingly gorgeous inside plus you're tired (all these things you're thinking about and all) and you want to sit down and take it all in. Is your butt now on a hard bench or on a soft cushion? Does your hand fall on a thin plastic armrest or on a wood armrest that has been hand carved by an artistan centuries ago to fit your grasp? This is why I love interior design and furniture.

This kind of stuff is all over the place and I like learning more about it because I just simply like it for one thing. But also, I think it makes the spaces around me more interesting, my day a little more entertaining. It's not always about taking trips to experience new things in design, sometimes it's just about appreciating what's already around us.

Since I don't think I'm alone in this idea I thought I'd share what I learn along the way with people who seem to have the same sort of interests as myself - people like you I suppose, if you're reading this and my website ermillerdesign.com. Maybe you'll even be nice and share it with some friends if you like what you get out of it (yes, that was a request).