Yep That's Right, I Said Calico Corners

When I worked at David Easton the name Calico Corners was NEVER part of my vocabulary. But now that I'm out in the burbs and I'm looking for some affordable fabrics to work with I thought I would at least step foot in the place and see what it was all about.

Calico Corners started in 1948 in Mt. Kisco, New York, and they sold seconds fabrics. Now it's a national chain with designers such as Thom Filicia and Dwell Studios (one of my favorites!) expanding their collections into the stores.

To be honest, it was not a shock that I wouldn't suggest many of the fabrics in the store, however a few fabrics caught my eye as something worth, well, a blog.

Burnet color Ink $44.99 per yard
City Square color Terracotta $54.99 per yard
Maze Work color Dove $20.99
Dotscape $20.99 per yard
Gate color Jade $44.99 per yard
Plus, you can save yourself the trip and order free samples from dear ol' calico corners right from your sofa or desk, or in my case sofa/desk.