Weekend DIY: Playroom Curtains

Sunday morning basement play room curtain sewing project - done. A few cups of coffee and a break to run into the SOWA flea market (just too sunny outside to stay in all day) and we can check this one off the list.

That portable sewing machine my grandmother bought me when I moved to NYC is finally getting some use. It's a nice upgrade from the iron-on hem tape, though that stuff is awesome and I highly recommend it. 

Some 101 hardware from Target and a drill was all that was needed for a quick installation. The windows flip up into the room and hang on the hooks on the recess walls so I had to hang the hardware on the window frame but worked out fine.

Yes, our basement is truly that old school dark basement with the light that streams in from street level. At least it's the atmosphere of our kids play room not our bedroom apartment like it was in Brooklyn.

Thanks again to Allegro fabrics for the affordable nautical fabric ($10 a yard). Even had enough left over for a pair of throw pillows to fill up the sofa and get it more comfy for movie nights.

If you're doing a nautical nursery Allegro also has a great combo of fabric by the yard and a DIY bunting.