Ex Libris: An Architectural Summer Read

If you're suffering from a staycation this summer or need a one day summer read, try an architectural guide to your home city. Ok, ok it's nerdy but you don't have to tell anyone. Make it as long or as short of a book as you want since most are basically an encyclopedia (if you remember what those are) of all the buildings in a particular city organized by neighborhood. There are always maps and photos too so they are easy to follow.

Grab a copy here on Amazon, and impress those summer guests with your new found knowledge of your own urban backyard. Or, just lay back in the sun and find out if where you work is actually interesting or if where you get your coffee is where people have been coming for decades for their morning brew. No matter how you read it you'll find a way to love where you live that much more.



p.s. If you live in Washington DC or New Orleans you're in luck. Yep, they have an app for that. Here you go: DC AIA Guide & New Orleans AIA Guide