The Porch

The weather is gorgeous. I'm dreaming of a porch. Yes, one day I WILL have a porch.
A Bunny Williams porch
The real original porch came from the basic desire for an area that was covered but still outside, and the caveman got that one down pretty early.

Just enough of an overhang to keep the rain out
But the idea of the porch in an architectural sense came from ancient Greek times and the word portico. Through the years, different versions of the porch were built each with their own variation and according name, adding to the history of this versatile space.

Greek temple with front Portico

The Loggia in Renaissance Italian architecture
 Brunelleschi's Hospital of the Innocents in Florence
The Piazza is the idea of the porch on a grander scale
San Marco in Venice, Italy
West African early homes show front porch that are thought to have influenced early
American porches and the shot-gun style house

George Washington's home Mt. Vernon set the standard for American porches
For those of you with porches, please enjoy them for me, however you have it.

Right off the mudroom
With lots of plants

or if you are Sarah Jessica Parker and live in the Hamptons.