Make Dinner Look Good At Least

It's springtime, finally, but I need one more pot roast dinner before I can say goodbye to the chilly nights. I'm using a new recipe for tonight's pot roast so I have my fingers crossed but I'm saved every so slightly by the fact that I know it will LOOK good because I used my Creuset dutch oven.

One of the best kitchen investments is Le Creuset cookware. The enameled cookware has been around since the early 1920s. (Here's a bit on Le Creuset History.)  If you're a serious cook you can appreciate the difference these pots make in your cooking. But even for the casual cook Le Creuset cookware is fantastic because you can make your meal and serve it in the same pot, and your table setting as well as kitchen shelves are all the better for it.

I have a slate grey dutch oven that I got from William Sonoma that I use for everything. (My brother recently made bread in his!) The original Le Creuset color is flame orange, but here are some other cool colors that will make you want to get one in your kitchen if you use it or not.

Color fennel from Sur La Table

Cobalt blue at Amazon.com

The ocean color available at William Sonoma 

The new cassis color available at William Sonoma

The original flame color from the Food Network Store
Here's to good food and a good looking table.