How Far We've Come: The New Macs

The new iMacs are out! The new iMacs are out! My husband and I have been waiting for the new iMacs to arrive for a few months now so I am super excited to finally put down the plastic and get our new computer set up in the office.

We were secretly hoping Apple would've made a screen size between the small and large since we work with a lot of design files but we'll just have to live with the beautiful 21" (Oh, and a half inch, sorry, 21.5") screen. As much as I'd love the 27" that will have to wait until we win a scratch card.

Check out how far Apple has come - the power of good design:
The original Apple computer which sold in 2010 for $210,00 at auction
Remember these?

and the old screens

Yep, it's cool.

And how cool can a sleek computer make your office space look? I'd put it in the very category, desktop or laptop. Here are some ones that caught my eye for some good inspiration:

See ya at the Apple store.