Not Ready To Let Go Of Summer Yet

If you're still looking for a place to get away, using summer as an excuse or not, Hidden Pond in Kennebunkport, Maine, could be just the spot for you. Just about an hour and a half north of Boston, Kennebunkport is a great place to visit this time of year when the summer crowds are dwindling but the summer feeling, lobster roll included, is still calling.  

Open from Memorial Day until Halloween, Hidden Pond is new to Kennebunkport, where much needed modern design related businesses are popping up everywhere. One developer, Tim Harrington, is leading the charge and Hidden Pond is a great example of just one of the cool spaces he's been busy bringing to Kennebunkport.

The resort feels like a sophisticated summer camp for grown ups with kids more than welcome. They call it "flip-flop chic" on their website - not sure how I feel about that. Using salvage materials as well as new pieces with a slight industrial and retro camp-like feel, each building that makes up Hidden Pond is unique and well done.

The Reception building at Hidden Pond
The Farm where vegetables are grown and used at Earth, Hidden Pond's restaurant

Amenities are everywhere, from the free bikes for peddling around, to the pool side bar, to nightly bonfires behind their gourmet restaurant Earth.

The Back Porch Bar
Usually not a fan of new developments, I was surprised by Hidden Pond. What I enjoy about it is how each building fits into its surroundings, not too big, not too small, and the fact that each building has its own design. Though it is all new, Hidden Pond allows you to feel like it belongs there, with each cottage having its own personality through its design, inside and out. Some vintage furniture is used and I'm pretty sure some DIY was involved, taking the edge off of the high-end design and making it more comfortable for a wider audience. (Though the prices might not be for the widest of audiences.)

A bungalow with simple and clean architectural details 
Inside one of the bungalows 

Once you've had enough alone time in your private cottage (there are different styles you can pick when you book), you can take in the wooded views on the porch of the lodge or...

let Hidden Pond drive you from your vacation front door to the pool, to dinner, even to the beach for sunset in their exclusive 1957 vintage Ford Station Wagon, affectionately named Bessie. 

As for the beach part, don't worry, they have you covered on that front as well. Hidden Pond's sister development is The Tides Beach Club, located right on Goose Rocks Beach. 

End your vacation, like I did (though I'm lucky enough to call Kennebunkport part-time home) with a bonfire and a cocktail, and yes, I was wearing flip flops. So OK, maybe it is flip flop chic.

Well designed, well executed, and worth the trip. 

Additional photos courtesy of Hidden Pond and The Tides Beach Club