Little Bugs and Little Animals

Artwork for a nursery or kids' rooms isn't always the first thing on your to do list but these prints from Rifle Paper Co. certainly bump it higher on the list. And if you don't know where to start on that new nursery or kids' room use their prints for some fun inspiration.

These bug ones are my favorite - a little nerdy and retro. 

Bug Print - Ant 8"x10"  $24

Bug Print - Ladybug 8"x10" $24
Animal Parade Print 8"x10"  $24

Animal Alphabet Chart 11"x14"  $40

If you don't have a little one in your life, Rifle Paper Co. is still worth a visit for their little old school, little new school stationary, cards, calendars, notepads and invitations. Remember paper and a pen?


Photos courtesy of Rifle Paper Co.