The Towel and The Shower: We Need Them Both

As a new Mom I now cherish the time I have to take a shower. I can't imagine not being able to enjoy these quick few minutes every day (OK, usually every day) but for a long time showers didn't exist.

Here is one of the earliest showers from the early 1800s that worked by dumping the same bucket of water over you again and again. I'd probably prefer the even earlier version of the shower, which was to find a waterfall, to this, but innovation has to start somewhere. (see left)

By the mid 1850s when plumbing started to move into houses the shower got closer to what we recognize as a typical shower. (see right)

One factor of the shower that makes it really good is the towel. You can't beat wrapping yourself up in a super soft cuddly towel after a hot shower as an inexpensive way to treat yourself to a little self indulgence. Well, you can beat it if you have a right-from-the-dryer-warm towel, but who has the extra time for that too?

In honor of showers and cuddly towels I offer you my choice in towels, which are from Restoration Hardware. Now, I have to admit part of this selection is also the colors that Restoration Hardware offers. They are subtle but still colorful and add a little life into any bathroom. Getting new towels is also cheaper than a bathroom renovation I might add when you're getting sick of the same old look. Even if you don't go for a color, the classic white towel always has it's place too.

Restoration Hardware towels in color Juniper

A cool bathroom but it could use some color

Classic white

Neutral towels do the trick to keep this bathroom's colors warm

Slate blue - my favorite
Just a little towel can do the trick

A light gray is just off the classic white

Now I kinda want to get new towels too.